Regulation and rules

Go-Kart racing track Il Pistone regulation and rules

Please read carefully the rules of the track carefully acting accordingly for your safety and of others . If you have doubts please contact our staff whom will be happy to provide you assistance and further explanations.
1) The number one rule is to have fun! But to be able to do so you must follow all the other rules listed below for your own and others people safety and security.
2) Access to the track is allowed only to those who have booked a session with our rental service. Before starting the session there will be a brief explanation on how to drive the a go-kart and the rules and behavior you have to adhere.
3) It is forbidden to drive after drinking alcohol or under drugs effects. The management has the right to prevent access to the track to those with a condition of mental faculties altered or showing signs of intoxication due to alcohol or drugs assumption.
4) It is forbidden to all visitors to access the racing track and the briefing area. Drivers only can access this areas.
5) In case of engine failure, Go-kart off the track or tail-head, it is absolutely forbidden get off the go-kart. Rise your hand up and wait a member from the staff will help you to get you back on the track
6) All dangerous maneuvers that can endanger your safety and that of others are absolutely prohibited. In particular ti is forbidden to bump or ram other vehicles during the race. For those who are about to be overtaken must facilitate the overtaking not hindering the maneuver of the overtaking vehicle. Whoever is found responsible for such behavior, will be asked to stop and to leave the racing track and will not be entitle for a refund of the ticked.
7) Whoever will behave improperly while driving, whoever manipulate or attempt to manipulate mechanical parts of the go-kart will be stopped and asked to leave the racing track and will not be entitle for a refund of the ticket.
8) The racing track direction of travel is anticlockwise. IT IS THEREFORE ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN TO DRIVE IN THE WRONG DIRECTION (clockwise direction). Whoever is responsible for doing that, causing damages to people, Go-kart or to the property, will be held liable personally.
9) Whoever, due to misconduct or dangerous driving cause harm to other drivers, will be held personally responsible, if He for the same reason causes damages to the Go-karts will be asked to pay for the damages and not be entitle for a refund of the ticket.
10) YELLOW FLAG – if you see a member from the staff wave a yellow flag or coming up on your display, IMMEDIATELY SLOW DOWN AND BE READY TO STOP IN CASE OR NEED OR IF INDICATED BY A STAFF MEMBER
11) RED LIGHT – if a red light comes up on your display or at the finish line and you see a checkered flag waved by a member from the staff at the end of the lap reduce the speed and return to the box and stop, remain sited on the go-kart and wait for a staff member. He will turn off the engine helping you to get out of the go-kart.
12) For your safety it is forbidden to wear scarves and foulard, in case of hood sportswear make sure if laces are present are tied. Our staff will ensure you follow this rules plus they will provide you with elbows and knees pads for you protection. If you don’t intend to follow these rules the access to the track will not be allowed and you will not be entitle for the refund of the ticket
13) It is also mandatory for all user to comply with all the instructions below before and/or while driving the go-karts
It is strictly forbidden:
➢ access the track without helmet or suitable clothing
➢ smoking on the track in the briefing area
➢ drive the go-kart the opposite direction of the sense of travel
➢ drive the go-kart incorrectly, creating danger for yourself and for others
➢ getting off the go-kart or abandoning it on the track during the race
➢ hinder faster drivers from overtaking
➢ It is also a precise duty for drivers/users to scrupulously comply with all the instructions/
rules (oral and written) given by Il Pistone management and members form the staff or
appearing on your onboard display.
➢ All users must keep a conduct that favors fair play, safety and sport spirit, both while
racing or during all they stay at Il Pistone.
14) It is forbidden leave your goods or valuables unattended. The management is not responsible
for lost or stolen goods. Any report for damages, lost or stolen goods must be done promptly
or before leaving the property
15) Il Pistone property or Da.Do srl management are not responsible for the damage caused to
themselves or to others in connection or while using the services provided resulting from accidental accident or from not compliance with the rules and instructions given by the property or the management
The management and our friendly staff is at your disposal to help and answer all question you may have and make sure you enjoy your experience with us

Il Pistone

Flags, colors and meanings:

Checkered flag black and white:
this flag is to indicate the conclusion of a single session or of a race. All drivers must return to box when appears onboard display or waves by our staff.
Black flag:
this flag when exposed by our staff, in addition with a go-kart number or appearing on your onboard display, means the driver must go back to box at the following passage and stop.
Red flag:
this flag means the race or session is suspended and all drivers must stop racing and return to box
Blue flag:
this flag when waved by one of our staff or appearing on your onboard display means you are about to be overtaken by a faster driver and you must give him way
Yellow flag:
when waved by one of our staff or appearing on your onboard display means a situation of danger. All drivers must stop racing, slow down and be ready to stop if needed

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